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The Best Lunch Break Workouts You Can Do From Home


Working from home means you're on a laptop or phone most of the day. It's important to refresh your mind between tasks, and this might include getting a quick workout in during the afternoon. It's absolutely possible to work your muscles and exercise your heart rate in about 20-30 minutes. Here's a list of at-home workouts you can do over your lunch break:

1. Push-Ups

Whether you're just getting into a workout routine or hit the gym frequently, you can do push-ups with little preparation. Do as many as you can to give your biceps and triceps a solid workout. Start slow and see how many repetitions you can complete in about five minutes. If you need a moment to rest, hold yourself up in the high-planking position for an awesome stretch.

2. Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are an excellent option for working out on your lunch break. See how many repetitions you can perform any day of the week to tighten up your core and get your back moving as well. If you really want to get your heart rate up, try transitioning back and forth between push-ups and sit-ups. Grab your spouse or roommate to hold your feet in the correct position to perfect your form.

3. Chair Step-Ups

Some of the best lunchtime workout routines involve equipment you already own. If you're working out at home, see if you can find a sturdy chair or step-up block to get your hamstrings and quadriceps going. Step up and down off the platform by switching the leg that leads each time.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are fantastic for those looking to improve their cardiovascular health. You can get your heart pumping in no time by finding an open space in your home or apartment. Move at your own pace to see if you can reach 100 jumping jacks while working out over your lunch break.

How to Work Out on Your Lunch Break

Working out on your lunch break calls for some minor planning. It's crucial to make time to eat a nutritious meal during the day to avoid feeling weak or tired by the time you clock back in. Consider the following to get the most from your afternoon workout:

  • Prepare your lunch: Try to eat part of your lunch an hour before your workout if possible. Fruits, granola bars, and yogurt are lightweight selections you can eat from your desk. Eat the remainder of your lunch post-workout.
  • Coordinate your outfit: Map out your professional clothes and workout attire the night before. Select breathable materials for both parts of your day if you're unable to shower before returning to work.

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