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Top Fitness Classes At The Nook


If you're looking for the best fitness classes to get you motivated to get moving, there are lots of options available at Spooky Nook Sports. Our most popular options include:

1. Group Mind and Body Classes

We have classes that combine tai chi, Pilates and yoga to give you a centered movement experience while you build strength and flexibility. These classes help you practice mindfulness while your body gets stronger.

2. Group Cardio Classes

When it comes to cardio, we have lots of classes to choose from. Get your heart pumping and your body burning calories with our low-impact, body-weight bearing water rowing class. Our Zumba class lets you get fit and dance to great music. In the mood for different music? Our line dancing classes are pure fun. If you love to challenge yourself, try our circuit-style cardio workouts.

3. Strength Group Fitness Classes

Did you think you had to pump iron alone? Not at the Nook, where barbell classes, multi-level barre classes, and resistance classes develop your core strength and muscles. The major benefit of working on strength with a qualified instructor is that you can ensure you’re using the correct form. Plus, there's always someone who is keeping an eye out for your safety.

4. Programs for Older Adults

At the Nook, we don’t believe older adults should be limited in their fitness choices. Our senior’s programs offer everything from water rowing to barbell classes, dance fitness classes, and intense cardio workouts. You get to choose how you want to move, and you can meet new friends as you care about your fitness.

5. Virtual Fitness Classes

When you're unable to head to the gym, the Nook offers some virtual classes for our members. Skip the drive and exercise in the comfort of your own home while still getting the support of a qualified instructor and the support of a class. The best part? When you’re done, you get to shower in your own bathroom.

6. Cycle Group Classes

Working out in a group in a cycle class helps you to stay motivated by the music and the energy of the group. The Nook has several cycle group classes to choose from, including higher-impact and highly-choreographed classes.

7. HIIT Group Classes

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves short bursts of higher energy training interspersed with slower “cool down” phases in the same workout. The Nook offers several HIIT classes for helping you to reach various fitness goals.

Sign up for a Class Today

There’s no reason to work out alone when there are so many fun and exciting group classes to choose from. If you’re looking for the top fitness classes in Lancaster County, check out our calendar and sign up for group classes at the Nook Fitness Center.

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