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At-Home Workouts That Take Only 1 Minute


If you're looking for short workouts you can do from the comfort of your own house, our Spooky Nook Fitness Team have some great ideas for you. We've pulled out some of our favorites and outlined them below.

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1-Minute Pigeon Challenge

"Pigeon pose" is a yoga stretch designed to open up the participants' hips. Take your time, use the supports if needed, and settle in to a great hip opener.

In the video below, Jenn from our Fitness Team will walk you through the steps of the Pigeon Pose.

If you consider yourself slightly less flexible, you can find some great modifications to the stretch here.

1-Minute Push-up Challenge

A push-up is something you can do anywhere! From improving your posture to protecting your shoulders from injury, push-ups have a laundry list of benefits. You can read about the positive impact that doing regular push-ups can have on your body here.

In the video below, Julie shows us how to do a proper push-up with or without modifications.

1-minute wall squat challenge

Wall Squats can be done in a variety of ways, but the basic version requires only one piece of equipment - a wall!

In the video below, Michelle will demonstrate her take on this classic: a wall squat + oblique twist.

On our Instagram page, you'll find several variations of this workout, like a weighted wall squat with an optional heel lift variation.

1-Minute Plank Challenge

Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres 'Plank That Song' Challenge, our Fitness Team took on this task as a group. Whether you want to try to hold out for an entire song, or power through for one minute, the important part is DOING IT.

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