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7 Unknown Facts About Arcade Games

by Gabriela Blackburn on July 9, 2021

The history of arcades is full of fun details! Here are seven unknown facts about arcade games:

  1. An average Skee-ball alley is 10 feet long, but the original alleys were 35 feet long! The sizes were reduced to allow more players to fit into an arcade.
  1. A competitive table air hockey world championship tournament has been held every year in the United States since 1974.climb-5
  1. In 1971, Computer Space was the first coin operated arcade game to be released to the public.
  1. The first battery operated pinball machine was debut in 1933.arcade
  1. Pac-Man’s iconic shape was inspired by pizza.
  1. Although Pong wasn't the first video game created, it was the first commercially successful one. 
  1. Super Mario wasn’t originally known as Mario, he was formally known as Jump Man.

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