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7 Social Media Tips For Businesses To Start Doing Today


Here are seven things that your business can start doing today to increase your social media presence.

1. Understand your audience. The more you know about your audience, the more you can gear your target towards them. 

2. Don't underestimate the power of free stuff. People love giveaways and free stuff. Hold contests on your social media to engage your followers with prizes that will draw them to your location.

3. Interact with people who are interacting with you. When someone comments on your page, don't be afraid to comment back! The more you do this, the more engaged your audience will become.

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4. Be clear, concise, and consistent. Make sure you double check your spelling and grammar. Don't ramble - keep it short. And, arguably most importantly, make sure you're posting on a regular basis.

5. Stay current. Do your research on viral challenges, popular hashtags, and world events. These types of things generate the most traction and make attract some new followers.

6. Run campaigns. Along with consistent posting, try running a campaign. For example, every Tuesday for a month you could ask a trivia question on your account and award the winner(s).

7. Do your research. Each social media platform has research on the best times to post, best types of things to post, etc. Go seek this information and try to build your social strategy about it.

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