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6 Ways to Make Your Group's Field Trip Memorable


Field trips are wonderful opportunities for children to experience new things, be active and have fun. The enjoyable memories your child makes on a field trip can last them a lifetime. Here are six ways to make your group’s field trip memorable:

  1. Give your group multiple options of activities

The Nook offers two types of field trips to guests: day trips and overnight trips. You're given multiple package options when deciding what type of field trip you'd like to take. All field trips are sure to be jam packed with fun activities, such as, Clip ‘N Climb, Capture the Flag, Kickball, Arcade time and much more.

  1. Encourage peer support

All field trips are centered around teamwork. Boost the members of your groups confidence by supporting one another. Inspire and cheer on your group while you’re participating in activities. You could be making a positive impact on someone’s day!

  1. Have delicious food/snack choices

Who doesn’t love a nice meal? Spooky Nook offers visitors multiple food options, including pizza, hot dogs, chicken tenders, smoothies and frozen yogurt.

  1. Offer your group plenty of space to play

The Nook offers eight different types of sports surfaces for your group to enjoy. The possibilities for activities are endless!


  1. Plan, Plan, Plan

To make your field trip go as smooth as possible, make sure you’re creating an accurate agenda for your group. Contact the Nook for any questions or concerns prior to visiting the facility. We will ensure that everything is prepared when your group arrives. 

  1. Have fun!

Spooky Nook field trips create a fun, educational and active atmosphere for guests. We welcome camps, groups and school classes for a day or evening of active fun!


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