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11 Questions with CFL Athlete Bear Woods

by Spooky Nook Sports on February 26, 2016

This week our PR Manager had a chance to sit down with Bear Woods, linebacker for the Canadian Football League:

1. Where are you from?
I’m from Florida, near Jacksonville. Now I live in Alabama with my wife and two children.

2. Do you like Canada?
Yes, I am in Quebec. The people and fans have been really nice to me there.

3. Do you speak French?
No, I don’t.

4. How did you get the nickname Bear?
My Grandfather gave it to me when I was 1 year old. I legally changed it to Bear.

5. How long have you played in the Canadian Football League (CFL)?
I have been a linebacker for the Montreal Alouettes for 6 years. I also played for the Atlanta Falcons from 2010-2011.

6. Is Canadian Football different than American Football (NFL)?
The CFL is different than the NFL. The CFL has 3 downs, 12 men (an extra receiver and defensive back), and the field is larger. You really run to play. It was a learning curve for me to play in the CFL.

7. How long have you known Jim Launer?
3 years. We met when I played for the Falcons.

8. Why do you like to train with Jim?
He’s a revolutionary trainer. He was ahead of the curve with movement training and high paced/ high intensity workouts. His ability to explain things to you is great and I really value his core principles. He doesn’t pretend to know your sport and he demands a lot out of you while treating you with respect!

9. Why do you come to Spooky Nook Sports to train during your off-season?
Mainly because of Jim! I came here to train 2 years ago and now came back again! I would go to wherever Jim is located to train because the quality of training you receive with him is incredible.

What Spooky Nook Sports offers is remarkable! I am thankful to have this place and such great people at the facility!

10. What advice can you give to younger football players or young athletes?

“There’s a scary movement about entitlement and privilege. Don’t fall into that trap. The minute you give up on yourself it’s over. Believe in yourself and work harder than anyone else is willing to work. Give yourself an opportunity to have an opportunity to be successful. No one owes you anything!” - BEAR

11. If you weren’t playing football, what would you do?
I would be playing guitar in a Southern gospel band.

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