Spooky Nook Sports is committed to providing our student-athletes with the best possible opportunities to develop and improve playing standards through high-quality practices, fitness programs, high-level competition, and knowledgeable coaching. We pride ourselves in creating a unique, state-of-the-art, athlete-minded atmosphere where superior training and technique become focus points. Our players will find the best possible circumstances in which they can play, train and compete.

Benefits of the Academies

Sport Performance

Sport Performance is going to take our athletes into the next level of training and skill. It is a custom-designed program tailored to each athlete’s age, goals and experience in the weight room. Our sport performance trainers offer the best ability and understanding of what makes an athlete elite. Nook Academy players will have the opportunity to work with our trainers and find the best overall fitness and sport-targeted training available to perform at the highest level as well as help to prevent injury.

Sport Science

Part of the philosophy of Nook Sports is having our players compete at the highest levels possible. This involves having a h3 mind, healthy body and correct physical technique. We have many valuable resources available to help our athletes achieve team and individual fitness goals and, most importantly, prevent as many injuries as possible.

Athletic Trainers

The Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster (OAL) has an office located on-site, giving us athletic trainers always on hand for all practices, tournaments, games and sessions. Visitors can attend seminars given by OAL staff on ways to prevent injury and ask any related questions while visiting our facility.

Injury Prevention

Our sport performance trainers will perform a functional screening test on each of our athletes to observe any imbalances or weaknesses in different trouble areas of the different sports. Wherever the most common injuries are taking place, we can make strides in targeting and strengthening those areas. By giving our athletes a scored assessment we can show how susceptible one athlete may be to a specific injury and provide the necessary attention.


We will offer our athletes nutrition seminars on the best ways to ensure that their bodies are able to compete at the highest expected level. A nutritionist will discuss what their calorie intakes should be based on the intensity and duration of their training and competition. Athletes will learn how to fuel their bodies and stay hydrated for all-day events. Maintaining weight and strength though proper nutrition is one more way to become an elite athlete.

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