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Planning Your First Conference Event

Attending a work function is one thing. Organizing a conference event is quite another. Whereas attending a conference gives you the chance to learn new things, network and possibly explore a city you never visited...

Team Building Ideas for Your Next Business Meeting

Whether you recently hired a bunch of new workers or you’ve noticed your existing team no longer works seamlessly together, it might be time to schedule some team-building activities to get everyone on the same page....

5 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

Business meetings take place in all sorts of formats. From informal meetings by the water cooler to board meetings, teleconferences and more, there’s seemingly no end to the manner in which meetings are held. While...

Tips for Planning the Perfect Banquet

When it comes to events, no other function is quite as versatile as a banquet. A banquet is a perfect choice for both personal and professional purposes. You can throw a banquet to celebrate an anniversary just as...

What Not to Do in a Business Meeting

For many professionals, meetings are an unavoidable part of their daily work life. In fact, some executives may find they spend as much as half of their time on the clock in meetings.

3 Things To Consider When Planning & Hosting A Sports Tournament

Hosting a sports tournament is exciting and rewarding. It also takes an enormous amount of planning, from start to finish. Parking, athletes, playing fields, and referees all need your attention. Where do you start?...

A Timeline For Trade Show Planning

Planning a trade show is a massive undertaking. Pull it off, and trade shows can generate a fantastic return on your investment. It's a chance to put your brand front and center.

How To Plan And Organize A Basketball Tournament

The rewards of hosting a basketball tournament are worth the time spent planning. Tournaments bring youth and adult teams together for fun, friendly competition. They can also be perfect fundraising events.

Tips For Keynote Speakers - Deliver A Memorable Speech

If you’re asked to deliver a keynote speech or message, how do you go about it?

How to Prepare for Attending Your First Trade Show - Quick Tips

A trade show is a business event where a specific industry showcases its products and services. While a large amount of business these days is conducted online, trade shows provide an in-person platform for attendees...