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How to Choose the Best Menu for Your Next Event

by Gabriela Blackburn on December 2, 2019

Although food might not come to mind as a highly important item in preparation of an event, guests are just as likely to recall a bad meal, as they are an interesting speaker. Check out the tips below to make your event one to remember! 

Provide Guests with Options

Plan a menu with enough variety to please everyone at your event. Meet your guest needs with plenty of options, and willingness to make changes if needed. It is most common to serve multiple courses or have a buffet style selection during large events.

In order to build the best menus for your guests, you should know the theme of the event, dietary restrictions of your guests, how many people are attending, and average age range of the attendees. This information will make it easier to create realistic meal options for your event.

Anticipate Special Dietary Needs

Creating a menu for an event that considers dietary restrictions can be very challenging due to the significant amount of unique dietary concerns these days. One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for any situation is to understand the demographics of your attendees, and how that could affect dietary needs. Listening to your attendee’s personal preferences will improve their overall experience at your event.

Some dietary considerations may include:

  • Religious requirements of guests following a Halal or Kosher diet.
  • Food intolerances, such as, gluten or yeast.
  • Personal dietary restrictions, such as veganism or vegetarianism.
  • Food allergies, such as, dairy, nut, egg allergies.

Click here to learn more about how to accommodate meals for your guests with dietary restrictions.

Always Think About Presentation

Food presentation is just as essential to the success of a plate as its flavor. Food has to look good and be visually appealing for guests to eat it. Create a layout of food that your guests are dying to eat. This can easily be executed by creating meals that are colorful, include pretty garnishes, and smell appetizing.

Having a messy arrangement of your food does not say “professional”, and discourage guests from eating the meal. For your next event, try out the following meal techniques to catch your guests eye:

  • Make sure the plate is clean
  • Layer food to add height to the meal
  • Play with different textures
  • Use interesting shapes on your plate

Check out a few more tips on improving your presentation techniques here.

Include Seasonal and Fresh Items

When you are building the menu for your event, make sure to keep in mind the time of year. Every fruit and vegetable has their peak season. Eating food seasonally can drastically improve the nutritional value and flavor of a meal.

The way you cook and prepare you food can also have a considerable impact on the nutritional value of a meal. Try your best to avoid any fried items, and bake, grill, steam, or roast your meal options instead.


The key to having a successful event, is to not treat food as an afterthought. Go that extra mile in your preparation and presentation to make your event stand out from the rest!

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