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How To Host A Virtual Birthday Party


Wanting to celebrate a birthday is never a bad thing, no matter how old you are! If you have been working from home but still want to feel the excitement of hosting an event or throwing a party for your boss or coworker, consider a virtual birthday party. They offer numerous benefits if you and your coworkers are unable to gather together. We've outlined some helpful tips on how to host a virtual birthday party.

Have decorations and a theme

birthday balloons and streamers

First, we suggest having decorations and a theme. You can always opt for a festive Zoom background, but it will feel much more real to have streamers, balloons, cake, party hats, and banners hanging around. Besides, some research has shown that bright, cheerful colors can bring out positive emotions.

You may even consider having your decoration align with a particular theme. If you happen to know that your friends favorite movie series is Harry Potter, then by all means get some decorations that incorporate that. Make sure that everyone involved in the party is on board with the theme so each person can decorate and match with the host.

Plan an activity

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when hosting a virtual birthday party, is planning an event or activity. Activities are known to boost engagement and get people involved with the party.

Activities could be anything from painting, dancing, karaoke, or even hiring an entertainer. If you're into painting or crafting, you could see if a local business is hosting a virtual paint night or you could YouTube a step by step painting video and do it together. Once the video is over, turn your painting around and show it off to everyone else! If you lean towards a competitive nature, you could all pick an object to drawn within a given time limit and then reveal each drawing and vote on whose is the best.

If you're into exercising, having a dance party during your birthday bash would be fun. In order to give everyone a chance to participate, you could ask for a few songs from each person then throw together a playlist that you could all listen to. If nobody can dance, watch some YouTube videos together or learn a trending dance from TikTok.

Hiring an entertainer may also be an option for you. Someone who can host a cupcake making class or even a magician might liven up the party!

Organize a Drive-by

old cars in a line

Obviously, when we first think of a birthday party, we imagine close family and friends getting together to celebrate another year of knowing the person. If you can't get together, might as well get your cars together for a drive-by, sometimes called a car parade!

Have your friends create signs and decorate their cars to wish the special person the happiest of birthdays. You can toss presents out the window, or just hand over a nice card. If you've got the space, line up and sing a loud happy birthday song.

Virtual birthday parties are a great option if you've been itching to spend some time with your friends. Hopefully these tips can help you get started planning your virtual birthday party today. If a virtual party is not your thing, consider booking a birthday party with us here at The Nook.

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