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10 Tips for the Best Exhibition Stand at Your Next Trade Show

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Exhibition stands are prime opportunities for your business as you want to create a "wow factor" and a strong first impression. There are many ways to develop an engaging, interactive trade show exhibit that will attract new clients and help with networking efforts. 

To increase traffic to your exhibition booth, try these 10 ideas:

  1. Utilize materials that will reinforce your image: Create an eye-catching stand with silver and chrome detailing, rich wood tones or fabric dividers. Dividers are ideal for separating client discussions from meeting areas. 
  2. Offer food and drinks: Potential customers can spend many hours at a trade show. Offering food and beverages is an excellent way to draw traffic to your booth. 
  3. Focus on your target audience: Consider the demographics of people who will be attending the trade show and design your exhibition stand based on their needs or interests.
  4. Use appropriate lighting: The right lighting accentuates the most crucial elements of your stand. Attract more attention by illuminating unique details with LED stripes or spotlights.
  5. Maximize space: To maximize the flow and impact of your space, keep meeting areas to the back of your booth and ensure there are no physical barriers upon entering the booth. Capitalize on height by utilizing a top truss with a rotating sign or creating a high arch for your display.
  6. Keep customers engaged: Staff your booth in a way that ensures there is always someone to keep visitors at your stand. Use graphics to convey complex ideas and your company logo to showcase brand identity. 
  7. Be active on social media: There are plenty of opportunities to reach your target group through social media. To extend the reach to your target group on social media, schedule posts that correspond with activities at your exhibition stand. You'll show the market that you're investing in business development, drive more attendees to your stand and keep people interested even after they leave. 
  8. Use text effectively: It's essential to balance text with more visual elements of your exhibition stand design. Make your wording as brief as possible and use active verbs to get your message across. Text should be displayed on the top half of your stand. Use clear, large fonts that align with your brand image. 
  9. Set goals in advance: What you want to achieve and the message you want to send is as important as your stand's aesthetic appeal. Conveying your company's values and clearly expressing your capabilities should be at the forefront of your design scheme. Ensure that all colleagues working in the exhibition stand fully understand the goals of interacting with attendees. It can be expensive to not only attend a trade show, but also exhibit, so be sure to maximize the time and resources spent. 
  10. Utilize technology: Use the trade show experience to showcase a live prototype or display a product demo. You can also use interactive elements like VR, AR or hands-on elements in your stand design. 

Flexible Event Space for Your Trade Show Exhibition

At Spooky Nook Meetings & Events, we offer accommodations for up to 10,000 guests in 700,000 square feet of event space. Spooky Nook provides the perfect venue for any trade show. Plus, you'll enjoy access to flexible space for breakout meetings, easy load-in for multiple vendors, an on-site restaurant, plenty of parking accommodations, and an on-site hotel. 

We can customize our flexible event area based on your needs. Contact us to learn more about our event space for your next trade show exhibition.

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