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3 Tips for Keeping Conference Attendees Engaged

by Spooky Nook Sports on December 13, 2019

One of the biggest obstacles conference planners face is figuring out how to improve conference attendee engagement, which is crucial for the success of your event. The most important factor is making sure your conference offers attendees useful, interesting and relevant information. That said, you can take a few other steps to keep your conference engaging.

1. Develop a Thoughtful Schedule

One of the most effective ways to keep conference attendees engaged is to develop a thoughtful schedule. If your conference has multiple speakers, activities, and presentations, pace each portion correctly. For example, if it features three keynote speakers that attendees are excited to see, do not schedule their presentations back-to-back. Instead, space these events out throughout the day or weekend. This setup is especially important if your conference lasts more than one day, as you want to give your guests a reason to return.

Incorporate plenty of breaks into your schedule, which will allow your attendees and guest speakers to stretch their legs and grab refreshments. These moments will keep them alert, focused and comfortable throughout each presentation.

2. Design an Engaging Space

Keep your conference engaging by planning your event space carefully. Your event should also be accessible so that you're not limiting any part of your audience. While you set up, test the room for acoustics and lighting, as these elements will add to the mood of your event. Avoid echoing rooms and harsh or overly dim lighting. When you're testing the audio and video equipment, sit as far away from the presentation area as possible to make sure every attendee will be able to see and hear the speaker.

Create an engaging space by using eye-catching colors and implementing plenty of photo opportunities around the area. Photo opportunities like graffiti walls will keep your guests engaged between speakers and activities. Guests may even post these photos on social media too, promoting your brand.

3. Offer a Variety of Activities

Offer something for everyone by incorporating a variety of activities in your event. Combine interactive activities that require movement with seated, informational presentations. That way, your guests can choose which activities they're more interested in and comfortable with.

To improve conference attendee engagement, consider implementing some of the following interactive conference ideas:

  • Harness the hashtag: Harness the power of the hashtag by using social media during your conference. For example, use a screen to display your audience's live tweets throughout a presentation, or have guests use your event hashtag in their photos. You can also live-stream your event to viewers who were unable to attend the conference. All of these factors show the importance social media has on business promotion.
  • Play games: Keeping your guests active will help them feel refreshed. In between keynote speakers and presentations, encourage guests to participate in a game, like an on-site scavenger hunt. Divide players into teams, and give each one a list of things to do around the conference area, like visiting specific informational booths or snapping a photo at a photo op.
  • Give away free stuff: Who doesn't love getting free things? Offer your conference attendees free samples or exclusive offers of your product as well as a swag bag with your branding displayed. You can also promote a giveaway and wait to announce the winner until the end of the conference, encouraging guests to stay until the end.
  • Encourage questions: Make sure your conference is not just lecture-style presentations. Instead, do your best to incorporate different styles of presentations that encourage audience participation, like discussion panels or question and answer sessions.

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