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Packing For A Bus Trip - Tips For What To Bring On A Bus Trip

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Overnight charter bus trips are an exciting way to explore multiple areas with less planning and driving involved than if you traveled by yourself.

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But aspiring bus tourists should think about what to pack on a bus trip before saying "bon voyage." Here are some items you might not have considered adding to your packing list:

Electronic Devices and Other Entertainment

While the journey is definitely worth it, bus tours can involve hours of travel. You want something to do between destinations and rest stops. Consider the following options:

  • Headphones and your music library
  • A tablet or laptop for watching videos or getting in touch with loved ones
  • Books to read (if you don't get carsick)
  • Your knitting/crocheting project

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Powerbank or Batteries

You want to make sure you have enough battery power to take pictures, listen to music and do other activities. Take along a pack of batteries for any devices that use them.

iphone charging

You can bring a power bank for gadgets that charge using a USB cable. Lower-end power banks are pretty affordable and can be charged when you stop at a hotel. Call the bus company ahead of time to see if the buses have any power or USB outlets.

Light Blanket and/or Layers

Everyone has different temperature preferences. You don't know if the bus will have a cool or warm temperature inside or what the temperature will be during any planned stops en route to your destination. So, when packing your travel outfits, make sure to include a sweater or sweatshirt to put on when you feel chilly. If you think the bus will feel cold, bring a light blanket to use as you nap or relax.

Travel Accessories for Sleeping

Certain bus tours might expect you to sleep on the bus during long legs of the ride. Since sleeping sitting up can feel uncomfortable, take along everything you need to get a good night's rest. Travel pillows support your neck and come in affordable versions. If light or sound often disrupt your sleep, bring an eye mask and/or earplugs.

Snacks and Drinks

Bus trips generally include meal times in the schedule. But, you might get hungry in between stops. Frugal travelers can bring along their own snacks to avoid paying for them at rest stops. If you don't mind paying a little extra to buy snacks as you need them, bring some cash along in case a rest stop doesn't take cards.


If you regularly take medication, remember to bring it with you. Pill containers help you organize your doses, but you may want to bring the bottles themselves if you take prescriptions. Even if you don't have a medication regimen, consider bringing essentials like ibuprofen and antacid tablets in case of a headache or upset stomach.

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Comfortable Clothes

In addition to packing layers as we mentioned before, you want to ensure you have plenty of comfortable clothes in your suitcase. Some trips involve a lot of walking outside, and you want to account for any weather condition and activity you may encounter.

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