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What B2B Trade Show Attendees Really Want From The Exhibitors

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Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for you to network with other professionals and show off your products. If you strategize correctly, you can sell more products and increase your customer or client base.

Even when you may have to pay a rental fee to keep a booth at a trade show, many businesses find those fees to be worth it. But, if you don't give attendees what they want, the day may end up being uneventful.

To learn how to increase attendance at your booth at B2B events, read our three tips below.

1. Learn More About Products

When people attend B2B marketing events like trade shows, their number one goal is to learn more about the products there. Whether they want to learn about new products that can improve their own business or are looking for a new supplier, trade shows are a great way for attendees to interact with many other business professionals all in one place.

Exhibitors should explore some of the different methods of teaching attendees about their products and services. One-on-one conversations, live presentations, product demonstrations, lunch and learn events and opportunities for attendees to interact directly with your products themselves can all be effective methods. Since you probably can't use all of these methods as an exhibitor, choose a few you believe will be the most effective depending on your industry and the needs of your customers or clients.

If you can, create several different opportunities for the trade show's attendees to learn more about what you have to offer them. Demonstrations are sure to bring people to your booth, but you shouldn't do them all day. Attendees will want to ask you questions about the products following the demonstration and even try it out for themselves.

When attendees learn more about your products or services at a trade show, they're more likely to choose to work with you over other businesses in the future.

2. The Right Kind of Freebies

If you've ever been to a trade show, you know freebies are a big part of the culture. Lots of people who attend these events love collecting the little trinkets from different booths, whether they plan on working with that business or not.

Offering freebies at your booth can help you draw people in, and you have a chance to also set yourself apart from other exhibitors. Instead of simply giving out items with your company's logo on them — like pens, flash drives or t-shirts — do something more creative. If you manufacture flooring materials, give away samples along with these other expected items in a unique reusable bag. Not only will attendees see others carrying the bag, which means more brand recognition, but also include a guide to understanding how to choose the best flooring and the sample will aid in informing the person more about your product or service.

3. Take Chances to Plan Ahead

When you buy a ticket to a trade show, and may only a day or two to meet with attendees, planning ahead is crucial.

Compile information about your business and your products or services ahead of the event. Publish something on your website, on social media channels or in the materials about the trade show that attendees receive at the door.

With this information provided to attendees ahead of time, they're more likely to stop by your booth.

Some attendees will want to set up appointments with exhibitors before the trade show even begins. Make yourself available for these types of meetings so you can connect with as many attendees at the show.

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