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Our convention center staff at Champion Mill Conference Center is focused on providing the most valuable experience for our guests. We've outfitted our facility with the latest technology to enhance your visit.

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To show our dedication to your success, our facility features a range of technological amenities like: 

  • Wi-Fi with 433 access points.
  • Display screens.
  • AV connectivity for any device. 
  • High-quality audio systems. 
  • Professional lighting and rigging. 


Having the most advanced technology at your disposal is essential while hosting or attending a business conference. No matter the occasion, our team at Champion Mill Conference Center is here to ensure a smooth event. 

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We offer a wide range of IT amenities and technological assistance. Our guests have access to our secure Wi-Fi network and other IT systems to easily gather and share information with team members and clients. 

To learn more about the IT options available to Champion Mill's guests, contact us online today! 


The most successful business meetings, company conferences, club banquets and other conventions present information in more than one way. When you book the conference rooms or banquet hall at Champion Mill Conference Center, you'll have access to our display screens that allow you to improve your presentation with engaging visual elements. 

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Our screens connect with nearly any device to display slide shows, present graphs, provide a live camera feed and more. We'll send a staff member along to set up your equipment and troubleshoot problems. 

Contact Spooky Nook Champion Mill today! 


The conference rooms and banquet hall at Champion Mill Conference Center feature audiovisual equipment to help you make the most of your event. Our AV equipment is reliable, and we have dedicated staff members on-site to set it up, tear it down and troubleshoot any problems. 

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We can connect any device to display screens and sound systems that will make your visuals and audio easily accessible to your entire audience. 

To request more information on our in-house AV equipment, contact us today!

Rigging and Lighting

Great lighting can take your presentation to the next level. When you host a company conference, trade show, convention or another group event at Champion Mill Conference Center, you'll have the support of our professional-quality rigging and lighting systems. 


Your presenters will shine under our lights. We'll work with you to design a lighting configuration around your event's needs.

To discuss rigging and lighting for your upcoming event, contact us online.


If you're looking for a venue to host your conference, trade show, convention or another large gathering in western Ohio, Champion Mill Conference Center is the best choice. We offer a wide range of amenities, including all of the utilities you'll need to keep your event running smoothly.

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During your event, our staff will be around to ensure your access to our utilities. Our guests benefit from: 

  • Electricity: Your speakers and vendors will have ample power access to make the most of the day. 
  • Water and drainage: Our water systems and drain lines meet heavy demands. 

For more on these and other utilities available to guests of Champion Mill Conference Center, contact us online today!

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For further information on our technological capabilities before your next meeting, contact us online today!
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