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Why You Should Travel - Why Traveling Is Important

by Nook Meetings & Events on June 20, 2018

Since the beginning, humans have always had the desire to travel, whether for the sake of family, fun or business. But for some of us, traveling has become something to do later when we have the time.

woman traveling in rickshaw

We want to stress that traveling can give you experiences you wouldn't have otherwise. Check out the following benefits to learn why you should travel more:


Going on a journey doesn't necessarily mean crossing an ocean — sometimes, it can just involve a visit to the next town over. We explore to learn and see new things, and traveling is the number one way we explore. You can find new cities, people, and cultures even if you stay near your home. Every neighborhood has its unique traits that make the world so intriguing. Consider stopping by that city you always pass by on the way to family gatherings or visit a distinct community like the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch.


No matter what you do in life, everybody needs to get away from time to time. Salaried employees, part-time workers, stay-at-home parents, and retirees can all benefit from a change of scenery. Sometimes it only takes a different location to give you a break from work, errands and other stresses.


Why do we explore? To learn, of course. There's nothing like the thrill of eating a new food or teaching yourself a travel skill like navigation. You can try frog legs in France or fries on your sandwich in Pittsburgh, PA. Figure out the ins and outs of the New York City subway or discover a nearby town's bus schedule. Go to that five-star restaurant you've always wanted to try, or stop by the tasty-looking pizza place an hour away. When we do something new, we learn.


The memories we create during a trip stay with us forever. Going to a different place makes our actions stick out in our minds, especially when we have a brand new experience. No matter if you travel by yourself or with loved ones, your relationship with yourself and others will grow. Physical keepsakes like souvenirs can remind you of a trip highlight or let you share a bit of that location with someone else. Even just photos taken on your phone serve as something to remember your travel.


Traveling reduces stress, which improves your overall health and well-being. When we travel for fun, we do activities that take our minds off things that may have been worrying us. For a little while, life is about being in the moment, not about the next task on your to-do list. Treat yourself to a favorite experience or do something completely different.

Find Adventure in Your Own Backyard

If you remember anything from this blog post, remember this: Travel is what you make it. You don't have to visit a different continent or spend a lot of money to get out there and learn about the world. All-in-one complexes like Spooky Nook Sports let you get away without traveling too far and adding too much to your itinerary. Consider creating a getaway that works for you.

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