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Top Ways To Hold A Meeting & Event - Tips For Successful Meetings

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When you're planning an event, like a meeting, you need to iron out all the details to make sure it goes smoothly. Making sure every one of those details works out the way you want can be a long process.

Different kinds of meetings and events have unique needs that you must address to accomplish the goal. Whether you want full participation from all attendees or you just want the attendees to listen to a speaker, follow these tips for three of the best ways to hold a meeting.

1. Webinars

They have created new opportunities for companies to connect with other business partners and their clients and customers. Tons of software out there lets you connect digitally.

The main advantage of hosting a webinar is that anyone can join. Whether they are physically in the same office or are thousands of miles away, technology easily connects anyone. Also, you can record and save the entire meeting. This is a huge help in looking back to analyze how it went and ways you can improve in the future. You can give your full attention instead of having to take detailed notes.

Just because the meeting is digital doesn't mean everyone can't participate. You can even host a question and answer session by letting participants unmute the microphones on their computers or having them type questions in a chat feature.

2. In-Person

Many people say face-to-face is the best way to hold a meeting. You can typically connect better with the other participants than you would over a webinar. Plus, everyone involved feels like they are participating, even if they're just part of the audience.

In-person meetings and events also save you from relying on technology. If you're having connection problems, power outages, microphones aren't tuned properly, or any other issue arises, the event won't go as smoothly.

If you have new products to show, in-person is the best way to do it. Providing descriptions about new products, their features and how to sell them can be challenging to accomplish digitally, making a hands-on approach is much more effective.

3. Roundtables

Roundtables create unique opportunities for everyone involved. With a roundtable, you have several panelists who all give their perspective on the topic. If you want to hold a meeting or event that is mainly information, this is a great way to do it.

Roundtable meetings give all participants a chance to interact and network. After the panelists have given their points of view, the audience can join in with a question and answer session.

Each type of meeting has its advantages and disadvantages. When you're considering which type to use, you have to consider the reason for your event and the unique needs of your presenters and audience.

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