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Tips For Running A Successful And Effective Business Meeting

by Nook Meetings & Events on September 12, 2018

When it comes to running a successful company, expressing your organization's goals, devising new strategies and practicing effective communication are all essential parts of boosting workplace morale, bettering work effectiveness and advancing the company itself.

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As an official way to converge as a company, discuss goals, brainstorm and understand procedures, business meetings are the best way to build on those goals. Because these meetings are so crucial to the growth of any company, running them efficiently and according to plan is the key to success.

How to Run an Effective Meeting

Here are five essential tips for effective business meetings.

1. Arrive Early

When it comes to hosting and directing a business meeting, punctuality is crucial to starting successfully. As a rule, be sure to arrive at the meeting space at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time to greet guests, tie up loose ends or answer any questions before you begin. Depending on what is required for the meeting setup, you may have to arrive much earlier — for example, if you're using a PowerPoint or other media, give yourself half an hour of prep time to make sure your computer and the Internet connection are both working correctly.

If you're attending an out-of-office meeting, you should arrive at least five minutes in advance — but if it's not your meeting, don't arrive too early. For an inter-office meeting, plan to make it five to 10 minutes early to find your place, settle in or offer help to the host. You should always be considerate of others' time — never arrive late!

2. Be Prepared

Obviously, it's essential to be prepared before beginning a meeting you host or attend. Make sure your presentation is set up and ready to launch, check your WiFi connection, and give your notes one last review no later than 10 minutes before start time.

3. Check Your Appearance

Just like your punctuality and presentation, you should be appropriately prepared regarding your appearance. Depending on the type of business meeting and what employees or superiors will be in attendance, your attire may vary from business formal to business casual. Make sure you are aware of attire expectations in advance. If no dress code is specified, always make sure to look neat, clean and professional.

4. Plan Your Agenda

Some business meetings allow for open discussion and an exchange of ideas. However, even if you plan to open the floor for discussion at some point, always have an agenda laying out the order and operations of your company meeting guidelines. This gives your meeting the structure and professionality it needs. Allways make sure your supporting materials — such as projectors or PowerPoints — are working properly. Plan ahead with a flash drive backup or printouts in case anything goes technologically awry.

5. Minimize Distractions

Business meetings are all about effective communication — and that means giving the meeting your full attention. Make sure you and other attendees turn off your phones, silence calendar reminders and minimize any other distractions, so you can be completely present in the meeting and focus on the topics at hand.

Best Business Meeting Venues

When it comes to hosting an important business meeting or event, sometimes you need a special space out of the office to reach more contacts or make a good impression. With 700,000 square feet of meeting space, on-site catering options, accommodations, amenities and many meeting spaces to choose from, Spooky Nook Meetings & Events has everything you need to make your next big business meeting a success. Contact us today to book a venue or find out more about our offerings.

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