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Corporate Holiday Party Ideas


It’s that time of year — the holidays are approaching and with them comes the chance to celebrate all the hard work your business has accomplished. Office holiday parties are a fantastic way for bosses to say “thank you” to their employees and let the team know your company cares about play as well as work!

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your upcoming corporate holiday party. But where should you begin? Below, you’ll find considerations and ideas to help you plan an amazing holiday office party to help your company finish the year off right. 

5 Considerations to Plan the Perfect Company Holiday Party

Every party is different, and you want to make sure yours is right for the people who’ll be attending. As you start planning your office holiday party, take some time to think about the following five factors:

  1. Budget: Your budget is one of the most important factors to consider. The amount of money you can invest into your company’s holiday party will guide all your decisions. Make sure you fully understand how much money you can spend on your upcoming holiday party. 
  2. Transportation: Will people need transportation to get to the party? Consider whether your company will provide complimentary Uber or Lyft rides for employees. You can also consider renting a bus — or several — or carpooling straight from the office if the party is off-premises. When choosing your location, it’s crucial to ensure everyone has an easy way to get there is vital. 
  3. Additional guests: Will this be a company-only party, or can people bring their kids or a plus-one? It’s essential to plan for the right amount of guests. The number of guests you can include will depend on the location you choose, how many people it can comfortably fit and the type of party you plan to throw. 
  4. Alcohol: Will you be serving alcohol at your holiday party? If so, will the venue provide it? Will it be an open or cash bar? Or will you have the party on your company campus and supply alcohol yourself? Consider the ages of your employees and guests when making these decisions, and regardless, make sure you’re providing nonalcoholic options. 
  5. Food: Food is essential at any holiday party, whether you offer light snacks, appetizers or a full meal. The amount and type of food you offer will largely depend on the party’s timeframe. Whatever you do for food, remember that you have several options, including hiring a caterer or framing the party as a potluck-style event. 

holiday party that includes a potato sack raceIdeas for Your Next Office Holiday Party

Now that you know the factors behind every holiday party, it’s time to get into the fun stuff — the ideas. We’ve curated five general ideas to help stoke your creativity. After all, it’s your office party, and you know your workforce best. 

Host a Themed Party

Themed parties are a classic choice for businesses entering the holiday season. With many holidays to choose from, you can plan your party around the one that will get your workplace the most excited. As the party approaches, encourage employees to decorate their workspaces to make the office feel more festive. As a bonus, if you plan to have your party at the office, you’ll already have decorations taken care of! 

You can still do a themed party even if you plan to have it off-campus. Many event spaces will put up decorations to fit your needs or allow you to come in before the party to do the decorating yourself. Whatever you choose, let your imagination run wild when decorating and planning your party’s theme. 

Invest in the Community

The holidays are a great time to give back to your community. Any party can include charity opportunities. Here are some ideas that you can use leading up to the event or even during the party itself:

  • Food donations
  • Monetary donations to a local charity
  • Volunteer work
  • Silent auctions

As the holiday approaches, think of how you can do good for your local community as part of your festivities. 

Get Out of the Office

You can hold a wonderful party almost anywhere, but it’s a good idea to consider hosting the party at a new location. Your business’s employees spend enough time at the office as it is and people may be less interested in showing up to the office after hours, even for a party. 

If you want the potential for the best turnout possible, consider having your holiday party somewhere besides the office. Research event spaces in your area that offer fun activities, meals and comfortable amenities to keep people engaged and having fun the entire time. It can be refreshing to get out of the office for a few hours and employees might even return to work with renewed vigor as they share fond memories from the party. 

Get Active

Like getting out of the office, using your holiday party as a time to get active can be a great idea. Physical activity is important, especially for individuals whose jobs typically lack tasks that get the heart pumping and the lungs working. 

Think about the physical needs of employees and guests as you make this decision. You want everyone in attendance to have a good time, so accessibility is vital. Consider a venue with plenty of options for getting active, along with opportunities to have fun without working up a sweat. That way, everyone can enjoy themselves regardless of their abilities and preferences. 

Do Team-Building Exercises

Corporate holiday parties can also be an opportunity to bring everyone closer together. Teamwork is key to every successful business. Your holiday party can include team-building exercises to help everyone mesh together better when it’s time to return to the office. 

You can do team-building exercises anywhere, but the best ones get people up and moving. You’ll want plenty of space for these activities, so you may want to look for an off-campus venue that can accommodate your ideas. For the best results, consider a venue that combines the benefits of team-building exercises with the opportunity to get active. 

corporate holiday party attendees hi-fiving each otherLearn More About Having Your Next Event at the Nook

Consider having your upcoming corporate holiday party at Nook Meetings & Events. We’re located just outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We can easily accommodate large private parties while offering several dining options, including a smoothie bar, food court and Forklift & Palate Restaurant. Guests can get active and enjoy our many sports activity options during their visit. 

Check out our rental info to learn more. Contact us online today if you’re ready to take the next step toward a great time at your next holiday office party!

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