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Business Negotiation Tips - Closing The Deal In Negotiations

by Nook Meetings & Events on January 14, 2019

Do's and Don'ts of Business Negotiations

Whether you're breaking into the business world for the first time or have a few years of experience under your belt, business negotiations can be tricky. Communication is key, but it's also complex — and from settling a business deal to asking for a higher salary, strong negotiation skills are essential for success. When it comes to closing the deal in negotiations, you need to be armed with the right tactics and steer clear of a few pitfalls. To help fine-tune your skills, here are our best business negotiation tips.


Closing a successful deal is all about making the right moves — and these tried-and-true tactics have a way of helping you get what you want from the deal. When you're aiming to persuade.

  • Use a friendly approach: Friendliness can go a long way, and you're much more likely to gain favor and attention when you start off on the right foot. Stay polite and be cautious not to overshare, but be warm during introductions, smile and exchange pleasantries to put everyone at ease. Your counterparts will be more comfortable and willing to listen.
  • Spend more time listening than talking: Of course, you want to explain your reasoning, offer your argument or sell your side, but bulldozing won't win anyone over. Make sure to be attentive and listen more than you speak — this will show others you are patient and receptive, and it will also ensure you're attuned to all the details of the deal.
  • Know your desired outcome: Before you enter into any business negotiation, it's crucial to set a specific goal or know your bottom line. This will help you stay goal-driven and know when to move forward with a deal.


Just like certain tactics have a positive effect on business negotiations, others can derail the deal completely. Some of the most important tips for negotiating include behaviors to avoid. If you're aiming for a successful outcome, do not:

  • Underestimate your worth: You always want to walk into a negotiation well-armed with your and your organization's strengths so you're confident in what you have to offer. Never lowball yourself or underestimate your worth in the hopes of seeming humble — it can paint you with a lack of confidence.
  • Get caught up in emotions: Remember that no matter how strongly you feel about this deal, it's business, and you should never let your emotions interfere with your judgment or take over your approach. Stay calm, collected, polite and in keeping with your pitch.
  • Have an all-or-nothing approach: One of the best parts of business negotiations is that they're open for negotiation — and this requires compromise on both sides. Don't go in with an all-or-nothing approach and refuse to budge unless everything goes exactly your way. One-side thinking can get in the way of mutually beneficial negotiations, so make sure you know what points are crucial and where you can compromise.

No matter the scale of your business negotiation, stay confident and keep these tips in mind. We know you can succeed.

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