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Business Attire Etiquette For Men And Women - Business Casual

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Business meetings are an essential part of running or working at a company. As a forum for discussion, a setting to meet new contacts and a way to expand and progress your organization, successful business meetings are essential for propelling your company forward and continuing to improve.

business meeting

When it comes to connecting with other professionals, the way you present yourself as a professional is a significant contribution to success.

Wondering how to dress for a business meeting? It depends on the setting and the type of meeting. From business formal attire to business casual attire, here are the various business attire standards to sport at your next big meeting.

Traditional Business Attire for Men

For especially formal settings, traditional business attire typically consists of a suit and tie, a plain-colored, long-sleeved business or dress shirt, an upscale sports jacket and dress shoes. A suit is also appropriate. Formal attire should be accompanied by formal, conservative accessories like briefcases, accessories, and watches.

Smart Business Casual Attire for Men

As a step down from traditional business attire, smart casual attire for men can consist of khakis or dress pants, a sports jacket with a dress shirt or attractive turtleneck and dress shoes. Smart business casual is the ideal dress for business conferences and academic conferences.

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Business Casual Attire for Men

While much more casual than other types of business attire, business casual should still be somewhat dressy. Men's business casual attire can consist of dark, dressy jeans with no rips or fraying, khaki pants, golf shirts or collared shirts, sometimes vests or sweaters and leather dress or boat shoes.

Traditional Business Attire for Women

For women, the most formal business attire consists of pantsuits or skirt suits with a formal business blouse, pantyhose or stockings, and close-toed leather shoes or heels. Dress should be conservative and business-minded, and any accompanying accessories should be elegant and subtle.

Smart Business Casual Attire for Women

Smart business casual attire for women should include a dressy sweater or jacket with high-quality dress pants or a skirt, a conservative business blouse or turtleneck, pantyhose and dress shoes.

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Business Casual Attire for Women

As the most casual degree of attire appropriate at a business meeting or function, business casual attire for women is classy but less strict than formal attire. It can include nice pants like khaki or wool pants, an appropriate skirt, a business blouse without a vest or jacket and attractive leather shoes.

Business Meetings at Spooky Nook

Business meetings are meant to make an impression, and so should your business attire — no matter the type or occasion, you should be appropriately and attractively dressed to impress.

When it comes to the best setting for business meetings and events of all degrees, make a marked business impression with a venue that surpasses your standards. Located in Manheim, PA, Spooky Nook Meetings & Events has amenities and other offerings to make your next business meeting the best yet. With 700,000 square feet of meeting space, on-site catering options and other conveniences, we're ready to provide whatever you need for any meeting you have planned. Contact us today to book an event or learn more.

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