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3 Advantages Of Hosting Meetings And Events In Suburban Areas

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No matter the type of industry your business belongs to, holding meetings and other events is a big part of your day-to-day operations. From internal meetings to strategize, to attending trade shows to show off your products, events like these are key to your business's success.

Depending on the type of event, you may need to rent space from an off-site venue. Different types of events have different requirements and needs — finding the venue that fits all of those is key to its success.

The venue itself is important, but you should also consider its location. Holding meetings and events in the suburbs instead of big cities or rural areas offers several advantages.

1. Travel Costs

Cities with public transportation can be convenient for event participants, but these also add additional costs. Travel in cities can also be difficult because of frequent traffic delays and congestion from people attending other events in the area.

Parking is also a considerable disadvantage of choosing to hold your event in the city. Parking garages and other lots can charge very high fees for full-day — or even partial-day — parking.

When you're hosting an event, you want your guests to focus on the event and not stress about transportation. When they have to worry about making travel arrangements after they arrive, you lose some of that attention. You can avoid travel issues and additional travel costs by choosing your venue at a suburban location instead, which normally includes complimentary ample parking.

2. Lodging Affordability

Everyone knows cities are expensive. From rent to drinks at the local bar, almost everything costs more in cities like New York and Philadelphia. Holding events in big cities can have its advantages, but attending will cost your participants more, from food to lodging and more.

Many participants create a budget for corporate meetings and other events. Failing to find affordable lodging may be the difference between someone attending your event or not. By choosing a less expensive area, like a suburb, you're helping more participants attend your event and making it more affordable for anyone's budget.

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3. Loading Areas

If you're holding a trade show or a convention, you have a lot more logistical details to work out than other events. With different presenters and displays to set up, you will need a clear area to load and unload these materials at the start and end of the event. Cities often have restrictions about loading and unloading — but even if they don't, it can disrupt traffic and other parts of the area.

Choosing a venue in a suburban area gives participants more space to load and unload their gear without the fear of blocking traffic or being asked to move midway through the unloading process.

When you're planning your event, you may have to acquire certain permits from the city. Suburban areas often do not have these permitting requirements that can restrict participants from loading and unloading in certain areas. This can cause a huge inconvenience to your meeting or event's participants.

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