2018 Coaching lineup:

18 National: Kayla Lyon, Libby Woffindin
17 National: Lexy Coldsmith, Alaina Piszczek, and Haley Butler
16 National: Dave Lyon and Ellie Ressler
15 National: Brian Smith and Kara Wirt
14 National: Jason Moyer and Nikki Rodgers
13 National: Lisa Huber and Tiann Rutt

16 Regional: Nicole Geary
15 Regional: Jordan Kern and Kayla Beach
14 Regional White: Heather Leicy and Mike Martin
14 Regional Green: Brittney Crum and Courtney Koser
13 Regional: David Rosario and Nick Wesley

15 Local: Gabby Anders and Katie Kennedy
14 Local: Amber Dath and Kendall Lehman