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Academy Fundraising

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Spooky Nook Sports offers monthly fundraisers to all of our academy players and parents. These fundraisers help add money to your account that can be used towards tuition, camps and clinic fees. This past year we had products such as R&K Subs, Kettle Corn, Cheesecakes, Cookie Dough and Candy. An instruction sheet and order form will be emailed on the release date listed below, we will be sending these documents to the email you provided on your academy contract.


At order drop off you will hand in your order form(s) and check(s) or money order, no cash will be accepted for these monthly fundraiser.

September 2018: Zap-A-Snack

  • Order Release: Friday Aug. 10th
  • Order Drop Off: Wednesday Sept. 5th
  • Order Pick-up: Thursday Sept. 27th

October 2018: R&K Subs, Kettle Corn

  • Order Release: Thursday Sept. 6th
  • Order Drop Off: Wednesday Oct. 10th
  • Order Pick-up: Wednesday Oct. 24th

November 2018: Pellman’s Cheesecake

  • Order Release : Thursday Oct. 11th
  • Order Drop Off: Thursday Nov. 1st
  • Order Pick-up: Thursday Nov. 15th

December 2018: R&K Subs, Cookie Dough

  • Order Release Date: Friday Nov. 2nd
  • Order Drop Off: Monday Dec. 3rd
  • Order Pick-up: Thursday Dec. 20th

January 2019: R&K Subs, Kettle Corn

  • Order Release: Tuesday Dec. 4th
  • Order Drop Off: Thursday Jan. 10th
  • Order Pick-up: Wednesday Jan. 23rd

February 2019: R&K Subs

  • Order Release: Friday Jan. 11th
  • Order Drop Off: Tuesday Feb. 12th
  • Order Pick-up: Tuesday Feb. 26th

 March 2019: R&K Subs, Kettle Corn

  • Order Release: Wednesday Feb. 13th
  • Order Drop Off: Tuesday Mar. 12th
  • Order Pick-up: Tuesday Mar. 26th

April 2019: Pellman’s Cheesecake and Candy

  • Order Release: Wednesday Mar. 13th
  • Order Drop Off: Wednesday Apr. 3rd
  • Order Pick-up: Wednesday Apr. 17th

May 2019: Dutch Mill Bulbs Flower Sale

  • Order Release: Thursday April 4th
  • Order Drop Off: Thursday May 9th
  • Order Pick-up: Thursday May 23rd