Spooky Nook Official Statement

February 14, 2018

This communication is in follow up to an earlier statement regarding Kevin Glover, Technical Director of Basketball at Spooky Nook Sports.

Today, Spooky Nook Sports was contacted by York County Office of Children, Youth, and Families stating, “all cases regarding Kevin Glover have been unfounded.” The investigations into accusations against Kevin are closed and Kevin is able to return to work.

Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse is not tolerated in any form, without exception. It is important to note how seriously Spooky Nook Sports takes our responsibility under the law to take appropriate steps to protect the youth athletes entrusted to our programming and care. As a condition of their employment, every Nook employee that is in a position of interacting with children or youth is required to complete a background check that includes a Pennsylvania State Police Request for Records Check, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance, and an FBI Fingerprint Records Check. Additionally, employees are required to successfully complete Nook Sports Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting - a training program to recognize physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Our security department is active throughout the building and is trained to act as required in the event we become aware of inappropriate contact or actions.

When any employee working with children or youth is under investigation of abuse, we are required by law to develop a safety plan, which in Kevin’s case, resulted in the suspension of the employee until we received clearance from the investigating agency indicating the employee is allowed to return to work. As directed by York County Children and Youth, Kevin was suspended. In the terrible cases that a person has been abused and criminal charges are filed, it is clear the system works.

However, in Kevin’s case, he was suspended from work with loss of pay, investigated for months, cited in numerous news stories, and unable to attend his son’s basketball games and parent/teacher conferences for his children at their school, and all cases regarding Kevin have been unfounded. There is no answer for how to rebuild one’s reputation after going through this process.

We enthusiastically, and without hesitation, welcome Kevin back to his leadership role at the Nook. We are sorry for the pain that this process has caused Kevin and his family.