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Should I Join A Gym?

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Perhaps your family members or friends have been boasting about their post-holiday gym memberships, and you find yourself thinking, "Should I join too?" Absolutely! Here is why you should join a gym.

overview of benefits of joining a gym

Many Perks and Benefits

A gym membership comes with a ton of perks. Naturally, regular workouts have their health benefits, and it’s recommended that we get a certain amount of physical exercise each week. A gym membership also comes with the social benefits of being around other people. You may even find you’re motivated to work harder if you have a competitive side!

Gyms provide access to workout equipment that may be too expensive or bulky to purchase for the home. Most gyms also offer fitness classes and access to professional trainers that are there to help you with your specific workout goals. Gym memberships may also come with access to additional benefits like childcare services so that you can get your workout on even if you don’t have a babysitter.

The physical act of working out offers stress relief, better sleep and a variety of other mental benefits. Working out can even improve your mood. You may join a gym to lose weight and find that you’re reaping benefits you didn’t even know about before!

Getting Into a Routine

A gym membership makes it easier to get into a regular workout routine. With classes scheduled at certain times, as well as personal trainer appointments, you’ll be motivated to go even when you don’t want to. Since you pay for a gym membership and services, you’ll be motivated to make sure you’re getting enough use out of it.

If you join a gym to lose weight, remember that establishing a routine is an even better way to get results. There are certain machines at every facility that will help you achieve different kinds of goals. Having a gym buddy or a personal trainer can also provide you with a voice to hold you accountable and make sure you stay focused on your goals. They can also help make sure that you aren’t skipping out on showing up for your workouts.

Something for Everyone

Gyms provide a variety of activities, equipment and classes to ensure that there’s something for absolutely everyone. There’s no reason you couldn’t get a gym membership for the whole family, as it’s something that people of all ages can benefit from.

It also gives you an easy way to try out new workouts or equipment you’ve been curious about. You won't have to purchase any new machines or get a DVD to follow yoga poses at home because you’ll already have everything you need included in the membership. There’s no reason you shouldn’t use everything you can with the membership. And you may even find a new workout you end up loving!

You should absolutely make the investment in a gym membership. There are whole-body benefits, new things to try, professionals there to help you and a ton of other good reasons why you should join a gym. Are there really any downsides? We think not.

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Membership Discounts

Learn more about membership discounts that are offered by several healthcare providers. 

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Our fitness center features the region’s premier workout facility offering cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training, a 200-meter track, Ninja Warrior course, and much more!

A fitness membership includes group exercise classes that are dynamic, energetic and results–driven!Our expert and certified instructors bring enthusiasm and passion to every class. Spooky Nook Sports offers Les Mills as well as other classes.

Our Fitness Center areas:

  • 80,000 square feet of fitness center
  • LifeFitness equipment
  • Complementary strategy session with a personal trainer
  • Group exercise classes included in all memberships
  • 200 meter track
  • Member-exclusive turf field and basketball court
  • Jacobs ladders
  • Pickleball courts
  • Child watch
  • Boxing ring
  • Platforms, competition bars, and squat racks
  • Ninja Warrior Style training course
  • Turf covered hill



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With walls rising to over 30 feet, exclusive and innovative wall designs, incredible hold selections, and a creative bouldering terrain, the Nook Climbing Center is one of the premier top-rope, lead climbing and bouldering facilities in the Northeast.

Our experienced route setters and instructors generate the ultimate climbing experience for every climber – from first-timers to competing pros or corporate teams.

  • 30 foot climbing walls with arch
  • 15 foot boulder
  • Crack climbing
  • Complimentary access to courts and turf (based on availability)
  • Free Intro Class
  • 4 TRUEBLUE Auto Belays
  • 21 top ropes extensive lead climbing terrain
  • New routes/boulder problems set on a weekly basis
Climbing Memberships
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Ultimate Membership - Climbing & Fitness

Ultimate Membership - Climbing & Fitness

With this membership, you can combine the climbing and fitness membership.

Ultimate Membership- Climbing & Fitness
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Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Our sports performance center is fully equipped to accommodate your training needs. You’ll find plenty of equipment, a 60-yard sprint track and 30-yard by 10-yard turf field.  Other training amenities utilized for athletic training include our 200M indoor track, indoor turf training hill and the outdoor sandpit.


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Amplify: Adult Training

Amplify: Adult Training

An Amplify membership will boost your regular fitness membership with a variety of challenge classes. Developed by Spooky Nook’s Sports Performance department, these workouts are sure to result in visibly better strength, speed, and fitness. Amplify is for adults, ages 16+.

Add Amplify: +$49/month for an Adult, +$79/month for a Family (2 adults)
Drop-In Class Rate: 
$15 per class or 5 for $60

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Youth & Teen Athletes

Youth & Teen Athletes

Sports Performance for youth and teen athletes (ages 6+) uses scientific and proven methods to train for their sport. This unique program is personalized to each individual and the sport that they play. It both improves fitness and helps prevent injury. Our professional training is facilitated by the best training staff in the Northeast. Every Nook Sports Performance Coach has a CSCS or NASM certification.

Youth & Teen Training offers several membership levels. Semi-Annual (6-month) memberships include:

  • Platinum
  • Gold

Month-month memberships include:

  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Elite (college athletes)
  • Basic

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Payment Plans

Initiation Fee

Payment of the initiation fee and the first month’s dues will activate the membership. The initiation fee will be charged to all new members. This one-time fee is used as investment for new member data processing.

Annual Contract or Month to Month

The Nook offers two flexible payment options

  • Annual Contract  - Lock into a year contract at a discounted rate.
  • Month to Month - No long-term commitment required. Month-to-month members can opt out of their membership with a 30-day notification prior to their due date. - 

EZ Pay Plan

This convenient method of payment, our most popular, allows for monthly payments through automated debit or credit card draft.

Click here to review the membership policies & code of conduct.

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