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Nook Cheerleading - Spreading Cheer Through The City

Written by Spooky Nook Sports | Feb 17, 2016 4:13:01 PM

“Cheerleaders don’t walk the red carpet, they rule the blue mat.” And rule the blue mat is what the Spooky Nook Cheerleading Academy did at their first all-squad Lancaster-based competition on February 6 at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square.

Five out of the seven squads that make up the Nook Cheerleading Academy placed very well in the competition:

Senior Squad - 1st Place

Youth Squad - 2nd Place

Mini Squad - 1st Place

Tiny Squad - 3rd Place

Special Needs Squad - 1st Place

Nook parents and fans also took home an award, The Most Spirited Fans Award.

Not only did the squads place in the top of their divisions, but they also decided to spread their cheer to the other competing teams. They handed out lollipops to all of the other squads wishing them good luck. They also decided to “spread cheer through the city” and hand out lollipops to local businesses in downtown Lancaster.

Staci Chamberlain, Athletic Director at the Nook, stated, “There was really great energy at the competition. It was amazing to see all of our fans in one location. I’ve never seen what over one hundred athletes and their families actually looks like.”

The Nook Cheerleading Academy started in August of 2015. To date, the academy has 115 cheerleaders in the academy with athletes as young as four and as old as 18.

“It’s encouraging to see our squads already placing at competitions being that we are such a new academy,” stated Chamberlain. She added, “I am also proud of the girls and the amount of comradery they have shown towards one another so quickly.” The older girls were responsible for escorting the younger girls to the fan area to cheer on the performing team and all of the squads participated in warm-ups together as one unit.

Chamberlain was extremely honored to be a part of this experience. “I see a really bright future for our Nook Cheerleading Academy and I look forward to the opportunity to host similar competitions at the Nook,” stated Chamberlain.