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How To Play Bubble Ball - Official Rules Of Bubble Ball

bubble ball
by Nook Sports on March 12, 2021

Bubble ball — created by the BBA — is more competitive compared to other games using the plastic equipment. Participants play faster with more agility and strategy to score the most points.

bubble ball

Players step into huge plastic balls that resemble bubbles, but they still can run, kick and pick up objects. Can you imagine running around in a massive bubble wrap ball? We promise it's fun.

Bubble Ball Rules and Regulations

Like all sports, bubble ball has a system equal to a game's quarter, half or period, known as a quint. There are five, seven-minute quints where the objective is to score the most goals. The team with the most goals in a quint receives one point. After five quints, the team with the most points wins.

During the initial four quints, each goal is worth one point, while during the fifth quint, they are worth two. However, the first team to win four quints wins automatically. If two teams tie after five quints, they play a sudden death tiebreaker.

Bubble ball game rules indicate four ballers plus four subs and four runners play in each competition. Substitutions occur on the fly, and players use a soccer field for correct boundaries. Time stops for timeouts and injuries, but not when the ball goes out-of-bounds. Each team can take three, two-minute timeouts and each participant often wears knee pads.

bubble ball game

At the start of a match, the game ball is at the center of the field with players at least 10 feet away but not more than 20. According to the official BBA rules, competitors are not to line up at the baseline and cannot go offsides. The penalty box is a safe zone where runners can pick up the ball, but they can't run while holding the ball.

Players must release the ball within three seconds if their bubble hits the ground. If a runner is onside, they can choose to kick or throw the ball, but if they are offside, they can only kick and cannot take a shot on goal.

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Violations, Fouls and Penalties

How to play bubble ball involves regulations for foul play and violations. Referees can award a free play against a player with or without the ball. A runner or kicker can resume the play anywhere on the field, and receiving more than five fouls results in ejection from the game. Players receive penalties because of illegal tackling, hitting, positioning or scoring, along with player misconduct and delay of game.

Bubble ball requires one center referee and two side refs.

Other Bubble Ball Games

In addition to the official game of bubble ball, you can exercise with other bubble ball activities that are sure to give you a few good laughs. For example, you can play variations such as sumo smash, royal rumble, bubble ball bowling, zombie ball and other sports like soccer and kickball.

The games attract players of all ages, and you don't have to worry about serious injuries when players bump into each other.

Bubble Ball: How to Play at Spooky Nook Sports

Because Spooky Nook Sports is the largest sports complex in the U.S., it only makes sense for us to accommodate every sport you can think of. You can choose to play bubble ball as intended, or you can take part in less competitive versions for a day of fun. Contact us to learn more about bubble ball rental and the other activities you can enjoy at Spooky Nook Sports.