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2016 Basketball Academy Training

Each team will practice two nights per week at SNS. The girls academy will practice Monday and Wednesdays and the boys academy will practice Tuesday and Thursdays. Each team will receive 30 minutes of SNS Sports Performance per week to improve speed, agility, flexibility, and core strength.  All Sport Performance workouts are designed by SNS SP Director, Jim Launer and will change throughout the season.

Sports Performance

Sports performance training will focus on athletic explosion and form, foot speed, body control, acceleration and deceleration, and proprioception and kinesthetic awareness.  This training will help athletes in every aspect of their game, and is built in to practice times.

Private Lessons

Private basketball lessons are available to ensure individual or small groups get the attention they need.  A curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each athlete.

Basketball Clinics

Our development programs are for players that are looking to hone their skills on a focused area such as catching or preseason work.  Programs are a great way for players to develop their skills and become well-rounded players.

Nook Parters