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Lacrosse Academy


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Practice is a huge part of bettering a player’s game.  Mentally, academy players are trained to become mature and dependable team leaders.  Physically, players can expect to strengthen their game through conditioning, overall fitness, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.
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Sports Performance

Sports performance training will focus on strength, speed and agility.  This training is a great way for athletes to become more flexible and reduce the risk of injury.  Speed sessions will help the athlete transform movements to become shorter, quicker and more powerful.

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Private Lessons

Our knowledgeable coaching staff brings a wealth of experience at all levels to the table.  Our coaches productively teach all aspects of the sport to student-athletes in individual or group settings.

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Lacrosse Clinics

Our development clinics are for players that are looking to hone their skills on a focused area.  Clinics are a great way for them to develop skills and become well-rounded players.

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Nook Parters