Building Leaders Both On and Off the Court

Our Nook Lacrosse Academy was created to provide an opportunity for aspiring athletes to develop their skills both on and off the field.  At The Nook, we have made a point to set a new standard in training and competing for lacrosse.  Academy players will strive to become leaders while contributing positively to the overall lacrosse environment in our area.

Nook Lacrosse Academy coaches have the knowledge necessary to help academy players take their game to the next level.  Our elite staff includes former Division I players, current Division II and III players and current Division II and III coaches.  From their valuable experience, Nook Academy players can look forward to gaining an insider’s perspective of what it takes to pursue lacrosse at the next level.

Content-based publications, workshops, seminars, reviews, conferences and newsletters will be used to further create well-rounded players, inform athletes and coaches, create a higher understanding of the proper way to do things and keep communication open.  The idea is to create a high-value program that will foster an environment of honesty, integrity, passion, and enthusiasm.

Strive for excellence with us.  Become a member of the Nook family.