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NBA’s Lamar Patterson Talks About Summer Camp

by Spooky Nook Sports on June 3, 2016

The NBA’s Lamar Patterson was born in Lancaster County and attended J.P. McCaskey High School. After playing college basketball for the Pitt Panthers, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks, then traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Patterson continues to play for Atlanta, and is now working with The Nook to offer an awesome boy’s summer camp June 27-30! Below, Lamar talks about the upcoming camp and how he hopes it will affect local kids and the community.

“Having the opportunity to associate my name with a place such as Spooky Nook is an honor. It gives me a chance to build my name and my brand, not only locally but nationally. What better place to do so then at home?
A camp with my name on it gives the kids from my hometown and surrounding areas the opportunity to see that it is possible to be a small town kid with dreams, goals, and aspirations.
Their potential can be reached not only on the basketball court but in any profession! Being able to have my name branded, and have a camp at Spooky Nook, is a stupendous accomplishment.
My main goal is for the campers to have fun and learn while doing so. Spooky Nook has the space for a large amount of people, so camp capacity is unlimited. I would like to use this opportunity to reach as many young athletes as possible. My goal is to host an annual camp at Spooky Nook and to give kids something to look forward to. I am hopeful that as time progresses, my partnership with Spooky Nook will flourish and generate a large following. One day, I hope to see my campers utilize the skills they’ve learned in whatever life offers them.
Spooky Nook is a top-of-the-line training facility. It provides top notch training services, i.e. trainers, equipment, basketball courts, etc. Spooky Nook provides a place to train, eat, and sleep. There aren’t many facilities in the world that provide all of those amenities under one roof. Being a professional athlete myself, I am certain that there is no other place I would choose over Spooky Nook.”

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