About Spooky Nook Sports


“Spooky Nook Sports is committed to operating the finest sports and entertainment complex in North America; with first-class facilities, dynamic programming, unrivaled instruction, and a friendly, professional staff. Our goal is to make a positive impact on all our guests through activities that build character, strengthen families, and present an opportunity for everyone to Play, Train and Compete”.


Most weekends during the last five years, the Nook Sports founders found themselves traveling the country to one youth sports event after another. The more they moved from venue to venue, the harder it was to find somewhere with quality customer service, great playing and spectator conditions and additional activities for the down times.

Before too long, they were on a mission: find an existing building suitable for running sports and activities in their beloved community, and create a family-centric sports, entertainment and events venue.

In November 2011 after a thorough search, an old Armstrong World Industries distribution center in Manheim, Pennsylvania hit the radar, and the rest was history. Even though the building was empty and in need of renovation, everyone agreed it just screamed whistles, cheering crowds and the hustle and bustle of an exciting sports venue…and they bought it.

The group knew the building (that sits on 65 acres) was big, but they didn’t realize quite how big. As they looked into it, they discovered that it would be nearly twice the size of the next biggest sports complex facility in the country – in fact we’re not aware of any indoor sports complex quite this big anywhere else in the world!

The company owes its name to the road it is accessed by – Spooky Nook Road. Locally, the road is affectionately referred to on a regular basis, and the founders thought it made for the coolest sports brand around!

Fast forward to today, the local township has given the green light, construction is underway, surfaces have been chosen, and contractors are full steam ahead preparing the facility for an exciting future.